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Project Overview

Safe Harbor

12' x 20' x 20

Aluminum with LED Lighting and Cast Steel Bollard

60 industrial grade sheets of aluminum were laser cut, gracefully bent and re-fabricated over an interior armature to create this sculpture in Riverside Park. The historical cast steel bollard that anchors the sculpture is tethered to a sleek oversized contemporary buoy with hand wrought aluminum chains. Ocean blue lucite panels are riveted to the interior of the structure to allow the vibrant hues of light to shine through and light up the sculpture at night.

Safe Harbor took its cues from a port or harbor which is a place of refuge for ships. The bollard is utilized to secure a ship in port and the buoy is a floatation device frequently used to mark direction away from dangerous waters and towards safe passage. “With the Safe Harbor sculpture, I seek to re-think the shape of the recognizable and bring public art into the daily life of the community, creating a contemporary motif from the traditional design of a buoy.” states artist, Deedee Morrison.

“Morrison is known for creating thoughtful works of sculpture that speak to a community in deep and meaningful ways. Safe Harbor is no exception.” said Shreveport Regional Arts Council Director Pam Atchison. “We are thrilled to bring this ambitious new work to the Riverside Park. The sculpture is to be sited along the Red River in one of many open green spaces in the park and we hope that Safe Harbor will become a beloved destination in our city for people to visit and experience.”

Project Details