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Landscape with Perspective

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Project Overview

The Landscape with Perspective sculpture was created specifically for Stevens Point Sculpture Park by Artist Deedee Morrison of Birmingham, Alabama.  This kinetic aluminum sculpture impressively resides in a wooded pine grove adjacent to entrance to the park trailhead.  The 12 foot tall sculpture, with its brilliant color peeking out from the laser cut-outs panels constructed into an aluminum cube, is in continuous motion with the wind and reflects the many and constantly changing colors and patterns found in nature.  A simple explanation of Morrison’s sculpture would be the idea of contrast – two very different elements that are inter-related and combined to create a balance. 

Symbols, such as unevenly balanced objects joined, causes viewers to inwardly ask the question, "What am I bound to?"  Morrison works with this quality of extreme contrasts through the creation of bulky sculptures made of metal with intermittent moments of thin translucent plexiglass creating an odd feeling of weighted light and color.

The Stevens Point Sculpture Park allows ideas, people, nature, and art to interact together beautifully in the central Wisconsin town of Stevens Point. This emerging green space is proud to announce its most recent installation of Landscape with Perspective, a new addition to their growing collection of sculptures on June 4, 2011.  The Park, a twenty-acre site featuring woodlands, wetlands, ponds and prairie created on the premise that the great outdoors should be an accessible and inviting place for environmental arts exhibitions, activities, and educational programs. 

Project Details