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Landscape with Perspective

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Project Overview

Stevens Point Sculpture Park - June 2011

Corten steel will be used  build a sculpture for The Stevens Point Sculpture Park in Stevens Point, Wisconsin.. This piece is both representational and symbolic. The 8 foot sculpture will consist of four elements: a steel pipe, steel constructed cube, plexiglas and electricity. Steel has been the foundational element in the growth and expansion of the entire United States. It is a structural element that is easily overlooked for some of its more graceful qualities. A 14 foot 5? steel pipe will be gracefully bent in the shape of an arc. The panels are re-fabricated to make a cube that has an interior light. The cube represents the core value of knowledge and the energy that is required to unlock that knowledge and put these discoveries to their highest and best uses. The material used is industrial grade Corten steel which with age acquires a natural patina and colors of the desert - natural warm browns - Corten never actually rusts - just with age, develops an appeal of age and permanence. The sculpture will have an interior light that casts a warm glow at night on the color of the earth.


Innovation is not just about coming up with new ideas - it is about changes that lead to growth and differentiation. The laser cut center mandala is a graphic expression of core truths and the value of ingenuity, creativity and faith that are necessary to lead a life of profitable sacrifice and hard work that builds citizens, communities and the platform for continued prosperity for future generations.


Landscape with Perspective will be constructed for continual movement. The 3 dimensional diamond with cut aways will rest inside the arc - but the weight will be resting on bearings that will allow the sculpture to have kinetic movement.  Every sculpture created by the artist is designed for strength as well as beauty - made from industrial

grade steel and constructed to withstand inclement weather and real world conditions.

Project Details

Stevens Point, Wisconsin

Stevens Point Sculpture Park

Aluminum and Lexan

8' x 12'