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Lighthouse, 14' x 4 1/2' - Corten Steel, Lexan and Interior Light
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Project Overview

Art on the historic grounds of the Orange Beach Arts Center is charged with an essential mission: re-new and re-imagine a familiar space for a new era. “With Lighthouse, I seek to re-think the shape of the recognizable - creating a contemporary motif from traditional lighthouse and lantern designs.” Lighthouse is a 16 foot sculpture constructed with four elements: a 16 foot Corten steel pipe, 32 laser cut Corten steel panels, plexiglas and electricity. “This piece is both representational and symbolic - based on the continuous interplay of nature, humanity and technology and the effect each plays on the other.” says artist Deedee Morrison.


Lighthouse brings art into the daily lives of the community and is set to become the landmark for the Orange Beach Arts Center. The sculpture took its cues from a traditional “lighthouse” that is a beacon for safety to passing ships.The material used to fabricate the sculpture is industrial grade steel which with age, acquires a natural patina and the colors of the earth - natural warm browns and golden tones, developing an appeal of depth and permanence.The sculpture will have an interior light - a welcoming beacon that casts a warm glow at night for all who may pass by to see.

Project Details