Groups 'step up a notch' for Fall In ... Art and Sol, Featuring Solar Art Installations, Many Free Events

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Within days, "Fall In … Art and Sol" will kick off a month-long celebration of the arts with a festive day of art, music, theater and even hockey in downtown Saginaw.

Sculpture Hits Downtown Orlando, with More to Come

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A mysterious, giant aluminum ball has appeared in downtown Orlando. Local officials aren't saying much, and they've tried to hide it behind a construction fence. But it won't be the last strange object to show up downtown. It's the first of eight large-scale sculptures expected to appear during the next two months.

First look: New See Art Orlando Sculpture at History Center

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News 13 got its first look Friday at one of the newest sculptures going up in downtown Orlando as part of the See Art Orlandopublic art initiative.

The new piece, a globe made out of industrial-strength aluminum, will soon go on display outside the Orange County Regional History Center, on Central Boulevard.

The artist, Deedee Morrison, calls the sculpture "Global Convergence."

Mayor Buddy Dyer Announces Selection Of Artists For See Art Orlando

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Yesterday, during his annual State of the City Address, Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer announced the selection of artists for the See Art Orlando initiative.

The Art of Melding Nature With Industry

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Across America, in parks and outside libraries, you’ll find artist Deedee Morrison’s remarkable steel sculptures - beautiful towers of silver sheet metal that glow from within like a firefly after sunset. Grand as they are, these beautiful structures have unexpectedly humble beginnings at Deedee’s studio in Birmingham, Alabama.

A Most Unusual Landscape Sculpture

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The Designer recently interviewed artist Deedee Morrison of Birmingham,
Alabama, to ask her about the inspiration for her intriguing art.

The Artist and the Rock

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You don’t expect a beautiful, solar-powered aluminum sculpture to come alive in a rock quarry amid millions of year’s worth of sediment. You also don’t expect several artists to have their studios right next to gravel shooting out on belts and piling up several hundred feet. This is the scene at Wade Sand & Gravel in downtown Birmingham, where the quarry plays host to several world-class artists.

Deedee Morrison: Public art trail from Orange Beach to Chattanooga

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Morrison's work is on display throughout the country, from the earthy Pacific Northwest San Juan Islands in the state of Washington to America's heartland in Oklahoma City. But over the past few years she has organically and gracefully "imprinted" a beautiful trail of public art on her home state.

Deedee Morrison Shines Her Borrowed Light in Oklahoma City

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Renewable energy. Science and technology. The natural world. Many of the varied interests of public artist Deedee Morrison find form in her new kinetic sculpture Borrowed Light, created by the artist for Oklahoma City’s Pioneer Library System.

Expressing Identity with Art: Public Art by Deedee Morrison

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The artwork, entitled Borrowed Light, is a kinetic light sculpture created as a metaphor for the many journey's of enlightenment a reader can take within the pages of a book. The piece is made from 12 sheets of laser cut industrial grade aluminum, which is illuminated from within to achieve a radiant green color at night.