The fusion of sustainable art and development is the way of the future. Instead of art being an afterthought, or a job for the designer or landscape architect, it should be an integral part of the development process. A piece of art, while important for its obvious aesthetic appeal, can also have profound symbolic value. Deedee Morrison's sculptures combine the elements of creativity, education, environmentalism, and modern technology in an unprecedented way. Morrison is a nationally known public artist working on the forefront of designing laser cut sculptures with LED lighting that communicate public priorities and vision. Morrison’s work combines traditional sculpture construction methods with cutting-edge digital design and fabrication technologies bridging the fields of history, biogeography and art. Each sculpture has a powerful visual presence during the day with it’s compelling scale, distinct art pattern and vibrant polished or painted finishes. The laser cut patterns pierce the surface of the metal so that from dusk to dawn the patterns come alive with added dimension, interacting with the surroundings in a cacophony of light.
 Morrison’s past experiences have facilitated an integrated approach to art planning which emphasizes active collaborations and partnerships with design teams and the community as a whole. Morrison Studios team includes a lighting engineer, graphic illustrator and CAD programer and our approach for the every art concept is to create renderings and models that are modified based on community feedback prior to finalized drawings. Final design includes construction documents, stamped drawings, detailed narrative descriptions of the public art concept, a listing of materials and fabrication techniques, a detailed budget and long term maintenance manual. For every public art project that Morrison Studios has been involved with, the public artwork has been fabricated from industrial grade materials, designed for inclement weather, low maintenance and long term durability.

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